LG Tone Platinum SE wireless earbuds official with Google Assistant built in

LG Tone Platinum SE wireless earbuds official

There are a few different pairs of wireless headphones out there with Google Assistant built in, including models from Google, Sony, and Bose. Now we can add LG to the list, too.

The LG Tone Platinum SE (HBS-1120) have a dedicated button for Google Assistant, letting you call up the feature without having to say the phrase “Ok, Google”. Also included with these wireless earbuds is Google Translate, helping you to communicate in another language.

On the audio side of things, LG says that the Tone Platinum SE comes with a balanced armature unit for clear high-frequency sound as well as dynamic drivers for “robust bass”. There’s a dual MEMS microphone in there, too, for better call clarity and support for the Tone & Talk app on smartphones.

The LG Tone Platinum SE will be sold in black, blue, and gold color options.

And then there’s the LG Tone Ultra SE (HBS-835S). These wireless earbuds also have an external mono speaker so that you can make calls and listen to music without blocking out the world around you. Like the LG Tone Platinum SE, the LG Tone Ultra SE includes a dual MEMS microphone for improved call clarity.

LG isn’t saying when its Tone Platinum SE and Tone Ultra SE wireless earbuds will go on sale or how much they’ll cost when they do. That information will be revealed closer to their availability.

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