Lenovo Z5 with all-screen design will be officially introduced on June 5th

Lenovo Z5 event teaser

Lenovo got our attention with its recent teasers of the Z5, a new phone with an all-screen design, and now we know when we’ll officially meet the device.

The Lenovo Z5 will be announced on June 5th at an event in China. Details on the device are still pretty light, but Lenovo has dropped a couple more teaser images that show parts of the Z5 and its all-screen design.

We’ve been seeing smartphone bezels get pretty slim lately, but many devices still have noticeable top or bottom bezels or a notch or something similar. While the Lenovo Z5 may not be truly edge-to-edge, it does boast a screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent, so it will be pretty darn close. The fact that Lenovo’s event is being held in China suggests that the Z5 may be primarily targeted at that market, but this device is still one to keep an eye on.

Lenovo Z5 rear event teaser

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