Leaked screenshots reveal the look of new Microsoft Edge for Windows 10


Microsoft is working on a new version of the Edge browser based
on Chromium, the platform on which Google Chrome runs.

Microsoft is expected to release a preview build in early 2019
which would provide more details of the new Chromium-based Edge
browser. Currently, the details are scarce and it’s not known
how the transition will take place.

Today, a couple of screenshots leaked online which revealed the
look of the new Edge browser. The screenshots confirm that
Microsoft is currently maintaining two different versions of
the Edge browser called Dev and Canary.

Chromium Edge browser

It appears that Microsoft Edge Dev version will receive updates
every week and Canary version could receive updates more
frequently. While Microsoft is rebuilding the Edge browser on
Chromium, the company has tried to retain the look of the
current Edge browser.

As you can see in the above screenshots, the Edge browser lacks
Fluent Design treatment. The new Edge browser will now come
with a profile picture similar to Google Chrome and Microsoft
has also removed an Edge specific feature like setting tabs

The Edge browser also comes with a redesigned settings menu
which opens in a dedicated tab. The new tabs are expected to
come with the Bing wallpaper and we expect that Microsoft will
allow users to disable or customize the wallpaper.

As the report states, Bing
remains the default search engine in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft
also plans to launch its own extension store and you can find a
quick shortcut in the main UI. The users will be also allowed
to install other extensions from the Chrome Web Store after
tweaking the settings.

The Redmond Giant though has not announced any ETA as to when
the new Microsoft Edge version is expected to launch but a
preview build could be released soon.

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