Leak reveals Windows 10’s redesigned Start Menu with no Live Tiles

Windows 10 Start Menu

Earlier today, Microsoft accidentally pushed Windows 10 Build
18947 to Windows Insiders in the Fast, Slow and Release Preview
Rings. The accidental update includes a completely revamped
Start menu design that ditches metro-era live tiles for a more
standard grid of icons.

The new Start menu could be what Microsoft plans to ship with
Windows Lite or Windows Core OS, a modular version of Windows
that would power dual-screen and Chromebook-like devices.

The updated Start menu appears to be in the initial days of
development and it’s very basic at the moment. For instance, it
doesn’t have any option to change the size of the icons or
alphabetically list the apps. The other customization options,
including a proper right-click menu is unavailable.

Windows 10 20H1 Start

It’s still unclear if Microsoft will ship this new Start menu
experience on both Windows 10 desktop and long-rumoured Windows
Lite Lite. Or it’s entirely possible that new Start menu
changes won’t make it into the final Windows 10 20H1 update.

Live tiles

Live titles first debuted on the desktop with Windows 8. Live
Tiles were designed to provide a better experience with Windows
on phones and tablets.

Windows 10 Start menu
New Start Menu in Tablet mode

Live Tile feature in Windows 10 hasn’t been updated for a while
and the most recent updates to live tile added a few
customization options. Earlier this year, a few reports stated
that Windows Lite could offer a redesigned Start Menu that
drops the Live Tiles for a more minimalist look.

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