Latest Windows 10 bug is causing Windows Search problems

Windows 10 Search

Multiple reports have surfaced of Windows 10 rendering broken
Windows Search results with “This is taking too long to load”
error. The error “This is taking too long to load” is appearing
with a reload button when attempting to search and it doesn’t
seem to be affecting everyone.

The issue has been reported on Reddit (1,
Microsoft’s own forum,
and as well as on social media. Some users report that they are
experiencing this issue even after reloading the Search page
and restarting the computer.

“The last update that I installed was the optional update
KB4550945 and I’m having this exact problem, hopefully, it gets
fixed soon,” one user wrote.

“I got this one too and getting another Windows Update patch
didn’t solve the problem. But just killing Windows Search from
the task manager just made things back to normal,” another user

Windows Search loading issue

Reloading the page should bring back Windows Search, but users
noted that the problem disappeared only after they repaired the
Windows 10 system image. If you’re in this particular
situation, you can use the DISM tool or SFC command to scan and
repair the Windows 10 system image.

How to fix Windows Search “This is taking too long to load”

To fix issues with Windows Search, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows key + R to open Windows Run.
  2. In Windows Run, type ‘cmd’.
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run ‘cmd’ as an administrator.
  4. In Command Prompt, type ‘DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image
    /RestoreHealth’ and press enter.

You can also clear the Windows Update with Disk Cleanup tool to
restore Windows Search page.

Usually, when your device is experiencing Windows Search
issues, it’s likely to be a particular Windows Update,
server-side issue or a custom setting such as a Registry key to
disable Bing search.

It’s currently unknown how many users are affected by Windows
Search’s latest problem, but judging from the number of
reports, the problem does not appear to be very widespread.

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