Latest Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet Update Buffs Thanos Following Player Complaints

Latest Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet Update Buffs Thanos Following Player Complaints

May 12, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

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It’s been four days since Fortnite‘s Avengers: Infinity Wars limited-time crossover mode went live, and it’s already getting another update. This time, to buff Thanos.

A day after Infinity Gauntlet’s launch, Epic nerfed Thanos, which disappointed players. Taking the negative feedback on board, the developer took to Reddit yesterday to announce that the character has been buffed again. To be more specific, Thanos’ beam, which was reduced from 15 to 12, has now been increased from 12 to 20. His punch damage has been increased from 80 to 100, and his health has been reduced from 800 to 500 to balance things out.

“Our goal is to allow more folks to truly experience the power of Thanos, while also making you feel powerful when wielding the gauntlet,” wrote Epic.

Other changes included in the update are as follows:

Loot drops:

  • Fixed floor loot drops to correctly only spawn Rare, Epic and Legendary quality weapons within the Infinity Gauntlet LTM.

General Mode Changes

  • Reduced height of the Bus when dropping
  • Bigger initial storm circle
  • Less storm damage early game (first 3 storms from 5%/5%/10% per tick to 1%/2.5%/5%)
  • Initial Gauntlet spawn time changed from bus ride plus 120-135s to spawning immediately once the bus ride ends.
  • Increased spawn rate of Med Kits, Chug Jugs and Big Shields.
  • Removed spawn of Bandages and Slurp Juice. Note: At 3:00pm ET we actually removed Bandages and Slurp juice. There was an issue that was discovered that was still causing them to spawn.

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