Lapis Re Abyss Japanese teaser website launched


Lapis Re Abyss

Nippon Ichi Software has opemned the teaser website for its newly announced action RPG Lapis Re Abyss. The full website will open on September 4.

Here is an overview of the game’s story, via Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 667:

“The Golden Forest,” a legendary land where the trees produce gold.

A rural town located on the frontier of a small country. In the depths of the dense woodlands that extend over this land, it is said that there exists a “Golden Forest” where the trees produce gold. Many adventurers have searched for this huge fortune, but none have found it. It is at this time that perhaps this town’s last group of adventurers will arrive.

And here is a list of key features, via the game’s Amazon Japan listing:

  • Chibi characters depicted in 2D graphics run about on the screen. Not only are battles enlivened with flashy effects, with special productions called “Fiber Mode,” you can get the exhilarating taste of mowing down enemies while invincible. High customization and replay value!
  • A mission selection-type action game, where you can freely and casually take on missions. Since the abilities of the equipment you obtain during missions is highly random, you can repeat missions with the goal of finding more powerful equipment. A fantasy world filled with charming visuals!
  • Eight playable characters, over 100 enemy characters, objects on the stage, and flashy effects and productions charmingly depicted with animation. With its charming visuals and colorful fantasy world, this game will appeal not only to action game fans, but also to RPG fans!

Lapis Re Abyss is due out for PlayStation 4 and Switch on November 29 in Japan.

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