Laharl is Journeying to be the Demon Lord Again With the Disgaea Remake

Laharl is Journeying to be the Demon Lord Again With the Disgaea Remake

April 19, 2018Written by John Abrena

disgaea 1 complete announcement

NIS America has announced that Disgaea 1 Complete will be coming to the PlayStation 4 this fall!

Celebrating 15 years of the Disgaea franchise, Disgaea 1 Complete will bring back the first saga, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, to the PS4 with the classic gameplay – but with better graphics – that all Disgaea fans love. Also, a pre-order only limited edition version is available exclusively on the NIS Online Store. Here’s a comparative screenshot of the 2003 version vs the remake:

disgaea 1 complete announcement comparison

More info about the game down below, via NIS America:

About the game:

The Overlord is dead. The Netherworld is in turmoil. Time to kick some ass! Netherworld Prince Laharl awakens to fight for his throne and it’s up to him and some unlikely allies to defend what is rightfully his. Together with his devious vassal Etna, the angel trainee Flonne, and a whole cavalcade of explosive characters, Laharl will slash, shoot, and punch his way to the top. Build your squad to level 9999 and unleash crazy special skills, team attacks, and spells to deal millions of points of damage in this zany high-definition remake of an RPG classic.

Key Features:

Feel the Wrath of Laharl! – Take control of Prince Laharl as he conquers the Netherworld to become the Overlord in this zany story of assassins, Prinnies, and robots!

Hours of Darkness! – The original Disgaea is back and better than ever! Play through the main story, or try Etna Mode with extra characters not found in the original release! Get lost in the Item World for hundreds of hours of fast-paced strategy RPG action, now in HD for the first time!

Disgaea 1 Complete with be available this Fall of 2018.

Screenshots of the game down below:

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