Kingdoms of the Dump Kickstarter campaign launched


Kingdoms of the Dump

Roach Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Kingdoms of the Dump, its SNES-style RPG with platforming elements and turn-based combat, which we posted about back in July 2018. The studio is seeking $60,000 in funding for release in 2022 on PC, Mac, and Linux, with potential console ports planned if the campaign reaches an $80,000 stretch goal.

Here is a brief overview of the game, via the Kickstarter campaign page:


Kingdoms of the Dump is a game about a world of trash created by two real-life janitors. While designed to evoke the 90s JRPG flavor, we have incorporated adventure and platforming inspirations as well as modern design innovations to the genre.

The King of Garbagia has been trashpicked! Disgraced squire Dustin Binsley is blamed for the kidnapping and must embark on a mission to clear his name. Cross the Lands of Fill, uncover hidden secrets in the trash, and expose the evil organization trying to destroy the Kingdoms of the Dump!

Key Features

  • A narrative based game with a quick moving story and interesting world.
  • Jumping, climbing and other on-field skills to add to exploration and navigation.
  • No random encounters.
  • Turn based combat with a tileboard grid encouraging placement and movement.
  • Timed hits! (Press a key during the peak of attack animation for a critical strike).
  • Quickly toggle between main characters to make use of their field moves.
  • A large Mode-7 inspired World Map. (Travel by land, sea, and air).
  • SNES-inspired visual aesthetic with detailed environments and expressive sprites.

More detailed information about gameplay can be found at Kickstarter.

Watch the Kickstarter campaign trailer below.

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