Kingdom Hearts III WILL Be at E3!

Kingdom Hearts III WILL Be at E3!

May 29, 2018Written by Keri Honea

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3

Miracles never cease. I never thought I’d see Kingdom Hearts III release on this console generation. I even thought that the Kingdom Hearts III event last week was going to be a major tease. I’m willing to concede that perhaps I have been wrong, as Square Enix will have Kingdom Hearts III at their E3 booth.

Not only that, but it will be playable. You can show a game teaser on a screen all week long at the show, but it’s another thing entirely to be playable. That actually says, hey, this game is ready for realsies this time.

Perhaps we’ll get an official release date at the show as well. Or is that too crazy to consider? I mean, we haven’t had a single one of Square Enix’s infamous countdowns for a countdown just yet. That’s usually how I gauge when they’re ready to release something.

Are you all aboard the Kingdom Hearts hype train? It’s getting hard not to be if you’re a fan of the other titles in the series.

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