Kingdom Hearts III Gummi Ship Content Developed by Einhänder Staff


Kingdom Hearts III Gummi Ship Content Developed by Einhänder Staff

June 27, 2018Written by Lucas White

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ship

Remember Einhänder? Well Tetsuya Nomura certainly does, and got members of that game’s original staff to contribute to the Kingdom Hearts III gummi ship levels/sections. These were often considered the weakest parts of the previous Kingdom Hearts games, so it’s cool to see people with well-renowned shoot-em-up experience on this portion of the game. This information came from a recent interview published in Japan’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine. Highlights from the interview, translated by Siliconera, are as follows:

  • The Gummi Ship is being developed by Einhänder director and staff. Nomura was a big fan of Einhänder and he’s looking forward to checking it out when it’s done.
  • The Gummi Ship has a battle specialization mode and a free movement mode. They’re calling it an open-world Gummi Ship.
  • There will be Gummi Ship customization with more details coming later.
  • The reason Square Enix went with the Hercules and Toy Story worlds for the Premiere Event was because they’re the closest to the finished product in terms of quality.
  • Camera rotation and such are some of the adjustments from the demo feedback that will be worked on until the last minute.
  • Since everything had to be made from ground-up, it’s been quite the struggle.
  • The difficulty of the Premiere Event demo was easier than Standard Mode and more difficult than Beginner Mode.
  • The order of worlds you’ll visit has mostly been decided.
  • Kingdom Hearts III won’t have optional worlds, as most players check them all out.
  • More info on New Organization XIII will be revealed bits at a time leading to its release
  • Those who play Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III will get a better understanding about Marluxia.

[Source: Siliconera]

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