KB5006670: Watch out for these issues in Windows 10’s latest update

KB5006670 is part of
Windows 10 October 2021 Patch Tuesday and it contains
already-tested bug fixes, security updates and improvements for
Windows servicing. By default, this cumulative update is
automatically installed for all users as soon as possible, but
it seems to be causing new issues for some folks.

KB5006670 is an important security, but it appears that the
patch has introduced another printing issue for network-based
printers, according to user reports on our forums and social
media platforms like Reddit. On social media, administrators
have been complaining about printing issues with their network
printers after they applied October 2021 Patch.

A bug in the mandatory cumulative update for Windows 10 version
2004 or later prevents users from printing. In a conversation
with us, multiple users narrated their poor experience with
Windows Update, adding that their network printers stopped
working for the third time after these updates.

KB5006670 issues

“When printing to a networked printer with Type 4 drivers it
doesn’t respond for 15 seconds or so then finally prints. The
document says not responding, spins, then finally goes
through,” a user highlighted their problem with Windows 10’s
October 2021 Patch Tuesday.

“Seems a lot of Windows Servers (2019) after either KB5006765
or (my guess) KB5006672 update have set the network-type to
“private” instead of “domain”. This causes incorrect
windows-firewall settings to be applied,” one user noted in a

“Restarting nla-service (network location awareness) solves the
problem (network type is domain again) until the next reboot,”
they added.

It’s worth noting that the issue is not widespread and not all
users are experiencing problems with network printing, but
there appear to be some other issues in Windows 10 latest

For instance, some users shared their devices are unable to
download and install KB5006670, another reported that their
device crashes with Blue Screen of Death, while a third
highlighted issues with SmartCards and stylus.

Windows Update error 0x8007000d

Windows 10’s freshly released update is also failing to install
for some users with error messages like 0x8007000d. This
mysterious error message is something that was reported earlier
this year and last year. The update failure is
also accompanied by other messages error which reads
something like: “We’ll try to download the update again later”.

Remember that the error code may vary and it seems to be
Microsoft’s fault, so there’s nothing you can do to address the
installation failure. There are some workarounds that involves
manual installation or Media Creation Tool, but these methods
may or may not work

Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged issues publicly, nor has it
responded to users feedback in the Feedback Hub.

How to uninstall KB5006670 to fix printing issues

If the update has created more problems than it has solved and
you want to be able to roll back the device to its previous
state, follow these steps to uninstall the patch:

  1. Open Settings (just type ‘Settings in Windows Search).
  2. Select ‘Update & Security’ on the ‘Settings’ screen.
  3. On the Windows Update page, open the history tab by
    clicking on the link.
  4. Click ‘Uninstall updates’. This option is either at the top
    of the window or in the top-left corner, depending on window
  5. Select the update you wish to uninstall. In this case,
    search for KB5006670 and click the ‘Uninstall’ option.

An update uninstall pop-up will appear and you’ll be asked to
reboot your device.

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