Kamiko sales top 250,000 on Switch


Total sales for the Switch version of Kamiko have surpassed 250,000 units, publisher Flyhigh Works and developer Skipmore announced.

Kamiko is currently on sale on the Nintendo eShop as part of the “Summer Sizzlers.”

In other news, Kamiko is now available for PC via Steam worldwide, as well as for PlayStation 4 via the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Here is an overview of the game, via Flyhigh Works:

Kamiko is a game styled around Japanese Shinto beliefs.

Fight through the campaign as three priestesses called “Kamiko” and battle against demons while solving puzzles to make your way through the stages. Each stage has several Torii (gates) which are magically sealed. Find a way to break all the seals to make your way to the stage boss.

Each priestess has unique fighting capabilities, and as you master the game you can go on speedruns to set the best time!

Look no further if you are looking for an arcade action game with a twist!

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