Kadokawa Games Published the Final Trailer for Metal Max Xeno

Kadokawa Games Published the Final Trailer for Metal Max Xeno

April 12, 2018Written by Kite Stenbuck

The post-apocalyptic RPG Metal Max Xeno will be coming out very soon in Japan, and Kadokawa Games has published the final trailer for this game on their YouTube channel, which you can watch right above.

Metal Max Xeno is the latest game created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Metal Max series. The player assumes the role of Talis, the protagonist who swears vengeance against a new type of monsters called SoNs (Sons of NOA) which aim to eradicate humanity from this world. The game takes place in Death Tokio, a ruined desert which used to be the city of Tokyo before it was utterly destroyed by an artificial intelligence known as NOA. Talis will be eventually joined by other surviving humans like Toni, Yokky, Maria, Dylan, Misaki, and Ittica in his journey.

This game offers a huge amount of customization. The player can customize not only vehicles like tanks, which can be painted to the player’s liking and outfitted with various weapons, but also the stats of party members, as you can use Neuro Tanks to change their jobs and Level Metafins to raise their maximum level caps from 99 to, eventually, 999.

Metal Max Xeno will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan next week on April 19.

[Source: Kadokawa Games]

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