Judge Blocks 2 GTA Online Cheating Programs


Judge Blocks 2 GTA Online Cheating Programs

August 18, 2018Written by Aidan Simonds

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When it comes to the ongoing effort to stop players who cheat in Grand Theft Auto Online and halt the people infringing on trademarks and making those programs, Judge Louis Stanton of Manhattan handed Take-Two Interactive a major victory. The publisher was awarded a preliminary injunction that prevents a Georgia man from selling programs that allow players to cheat in the game.

Take-Two Interactive’s Grand Theft Auto Online lawsuit was first filed on March 23, 2018. and the injunction that stops David Zipperer from selling the Menyoo and Absolute cheating programs was handed down on August 16, 2018. These programs allegedly cost the company $500,000 in revenue.

Take-Two successfully argued that its copyright of Grand Theft Auto V was infringed by these programs. As a result, the Grand Theft Auto brand was damaged and sales were hurt. After all, players wouldn’t want to play a game where the odds were stacked against them.

According to Stanton, the injunction would hopefully result in Take-Two to investing more in Grand Theft Auto Online, which might players and the company. It was also noted that the unemployed Zipperer was a risk, as he would supposedly be unable to afford to pay damages.

Zipperer filed an unfair competition claim, which was dismissed by Stanton. In addition, Take-Two expressed its intention to continue taking legal action, when necessary, to protect its property.

Even though it made its debut in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V  is still selling like hotcakes, thanks in no small part to Rockstar Games’ continued support of Grand Theft Auto Online. It makes sense that Rockstar and Take-Two are still figuring out ways to make the player experience more pleasant and continue turning a profit.

[Source: IGN via Reuters]

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