Is Windows 11 on the way? Microsoft drops another hint

Windows 11 hint

A number of Microsoft executives and employees have confirmed
that they are working on a
next-gen Windows. This was first confirmed during
Microsoft’s Build 2021 conference where CEO Satya Nadella said
Microsoft is working on “one of the most significant updates to
Windows of the past decade.”

Satya Nadella was apparently talking about the Windows Sun
Valley update, which is the codename of the new interface that
sits on top of Windows 10 and it is a major update coming to
Microsoft’s desktop OS lineup.

There’s a theory that the next generation of the operating
could be called “Windows 11” and this is based on the teaser
for the Microsoft event in June, which you can see in the below
screenshot. If you look at the teaser closely, you can see a
light coming through the window resulting in two vertical bars
that look like ‘11’.

Windows 11 event teaser
Windows 11 event teaser posted by Microsoft

Microsoft also intentionally removed the horizontal bar and
many people speculated that the teaser is talking about Windows
11 (also known as the Sun Valley update). Some leakers
including reliable Evan Blass also confirmed that there’s a
forthcoming Microsoft OS called “Windows 11”.

Earlier today, Microsoft’s Windows YouTube channel posted a
medley of various startup sounds, including the melodies that
were included with Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7. These
melodies have been slowed down by 4,000 times to form an
“11-minute” long music video to help those excited for the June
24th Microsoft Event.

“Having trouble relaxing because you’re too excited for the
June 24th Microsoft Event? Take a slow trip down memory lane
with the Windows 95, XP, and 7 startup sounds slowed down to a
meditative 4,000% reduced speed,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft’s video features startup sounds of all major Windows
versions that had introduced significant improvements. At the
end of the video, there’s also a teaser for the Microsoft event
on June 24, which is set to begin at 11 a.m.

This seems to imply that Windows 11 / Sun Valley will introduce
significant improvements, as previously confirmed by Microsoft

Windows Sun Valley update
Sun Valley

As you can see in the above screenshot, there also appears to
be a reference to “Sun Valley” in the video.

Windows 11?

In the past, Microsoft made it very clear that “Windows 10 is
the last version of Windows” and it will be updated regularly
as a “service”. However, Microsoft also promised fancy
features, names (remember Creators Update?) and a lot of
others, which were simply abandoned.

The people responsible for “Windows 10 is the last version of
Windows” decision are long gone and the possibility of Windows
11 cannot be ruled out.

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