Intel’s latest graphics driver for Windows 10 comes with new features

Intel GPU drivers for Windows 10

Intel has once again released a new update to its graphics
drivers for all Windows 10 devices. This release has one of the
longest changelogs and it bumps the version number to

Intel DCH driver version, which was released on
September 29, is now widely available for users when they check
for updates using Intel’s Support Assistant tool.

Intel says the updated driver adds support for two new titles –
Rogue Company and Star Wars Squadrons. With this update,
Intel is finally introducing support for the 11th-generation
processors and the new Iris Xe graphics architecture.

Intel is adding support for a ton of new features that will
work when you use these new GPUs.

For example, the update adds support for additional decoding
and encoding for videos in HEVC and VP9 formats. Intel is also
making improvements to its Turbo Technology Power for supported

Likewise, Intel is enabling new enhancements for HEVC, HDR
video playback, Dolby Vision, and VP9. The update also brings
sampler feedback and Graphics Profile Guided Optimization to
supported hardware.

There’s only one bug fix in this release and it applies to
Resident Evil 3 remake. The driver addresses performance issues
experienced when playing the game on a device with DirectX12
and Intel Ice Lake CPU with Iris Plus graphics.

Intel is currently aware of at least two known issues in this
update. According to the company, the new driver might crash
some games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Breakpoint, Tom
Clancy’s Ghost Recon and Horizon Zero Dawn, among other titles.

As always, Intel DCH driver update will also address general
bugs, improve overall system performance, and prepare your
devices for future Windows Updates.

How to download Intel DCH driver

Intel says any version of Windows 10 since the version 1709 is
supported. This includes the May 2020 Update, but the drivers
are currently not ready for October 2020 Update.

In terms of compatibility, all Intel processors, ranging from
6th to 11th generations are supported. Intel is also supporting
the Pentium, Celeron, Xeon, HD Graphics and Iris Pro Graphics.

Intel driver updates

Intel graphics driver version can be downloaded
using Intel’s
driver & support tool.

In addition, Intel Graphics Command Center update,
which was released last month with new features, is now
available for everyone in the Store.

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