Intel Core i7-8086K limited edition processor overclocked to 7.24GHz

Intel Core i7-8086K limited edition
Image Courtesy: Intel Corporation

Intel at Computex 2018 in Taipei, announced the 8th Gen Core
i7-8086K Limited Edition processor. The limited edition of
Intel Core i7-8086K celebrates the 40th anniversary of
Intel introducing the x86 architecture.

The chipmaker Intel started working on 8086 processor lineup
project in May 1976 and it was an attempt to draw attention
from the less-delayed 16- and 32-bit processors of other
manufacturers. It was announced 40 years back and it was
capable of modern personal computing.

Intel Core i7-8086K anniversary edition could deliver up to 5.0
GHz single-core turbo frequency out of the box, but it appears
that the YouTuber and overclocker Roman Hartung (Der8auer)
has successfully managed to increase the clock speed of the
processor to 7.24GHz.

It appears that the Roman used liquid nitrogen to keep the
processor chill while running it at such a high frequency, in
fact, the overclocked Core i7-8086K was hitting 7.24GHz on all
six cores.

“I’m pretty sure we could break the record of seven point three
gigahertz which we previously achieved with the 8700K but
overall I would say that the 8086 K is basically just a good
pretest 8700K and that goes for both liquid nitrogen and
also air or water cooling,” YouTuber Roman Hartung (Der8auer)
said in his video.

Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor specs

It’s one of the most powerful processors out in the market, and
it features 6-core, 12-thread with integrated graphics. It
can officially deliver up to 5.0 GHz single-core turbo
frequency out of the box.

“The 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8086K processor celebrates
Intel’s introduction of the first processor in the x86 series
and the first 8086 microprocessor. Introduced on June 8, 1978,
the original 8086 was the first 16-bit processor and the first
processor capable of modern personal computing,” Intel said in a press

You can purchase the Intel Core i7-8086K limited editor
processor on June 8, 2018 at 12:01 am PDT.

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