Instagram will let you mute accounts that you follow

Instagram mute feature official

Instagram is adding a new feature to give you a bit more control over your feed.

Over the coming weeks, Instagram will roll out a mute feature that’ll let you hide posts from accounts without actually unfollowing them. Accounts that you mute will not be aware that you’ve muted them, and you can always unmute an account whenever you’d like.

You will still see posts on the profile page of an account you mute, and you’ll still get notified about comments or posts that you’re tagged in.

To mute an account, tap the three-dot menu in the corner of one of their posts or press and hold from their profile. You can also mute a user’s Stories from that same three-dot menu or by pressing and holding on a Story in your tray.

There are a few situations in which muting a person’s Instagram profile could come in handy. For example, maybe someone is posting images and videos from an event that you don’t care about, so you can mute them for the duration of that event. 

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