Instagram makes it easy to see who’s in your feed most and who you interact with least

Instagram follow interactions most, least

Been thinking about cleaning up your follow list on Instagram? A new feature will make that process much easier.

Instagram today announced that you can easily see which accounts you follow show up in your feed the most and which ones you interact with the least. You can also use this feature to sort accounts from earliest to latest followed, letting you easily see who you first followed on Instagram.

To access this feature, just go to your account in the Instagram app and tap “Following”.

When you’re following a lot of people on Instagram, your feed can become cluttered with a lot of posts and make using the app less enjoyable. Plus, your following list can be huge, making it a pain to scroll through all the accounts you follow to find the ones you want to unfollow.

This new Instagram feature makes that process easier by quickly showing you the accounts that you interact with the least — such as liking their posts or interacting with their stories — and then letting you unfollow them without having to scroll through a huge follow list.

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