Instagram for iPhone updated with dark mode support

Instagram dark mode

A couple of weeks after we learned that Instagram is testing a dark mode for its Android app, the feature has been added to the iPhone version of the app.

Instagram for iPhone has been updated today with support for iOS 13’s dark mode. After you update your Instagram app to version 114.0, the Instagram app should follow your system setting for light or dark mode.

With dark mode enabled, the Instagram app is like an inverted version of its normal self. Most of the app is black but the buttons and the word “Instagram” at the top of your main feed is white. There are still some small splashes of color throughout the app, though, like the red heart below a post that you light or the colorful ring around your new Stories.

Dark mode is a major new feature of iOS 13. Not only can it help save you from being blinded by a bright white app at night or some other time when you’re in the dark, but on devices with an OLED screen like the iPhone X, XS, and 11, it can help save you a little battery life, too. And since Instagram is one of the most popular apps on iOS, it’s good to see it gain support for dark mode less than a month after the launch of the iOS 13 update.

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