Instagram begins offering DMs on the web

Instagram DMs web

Lots of people use Instagram direct messages to chat with their friends, and starting today those chats are available on your computer in addition to your phone.

Instagram is now testing DMs on the web. With this feature, you can read and reply to your direct messages just like you can in the Instagram app on your phone. You can start new messages, view your requests, like messages, and more, too.

DMs on the web is only in testing for now, and Instagram has told The Verge that only a “small percentage” of users will get the feature to start. Instagram isn’t saying when or if DMs on the web will roll out more widely, so for now you’ll just have to hope that you’re part of the small percentage of users that get to test the feature.

Having access to Instagram DMs on the web could be super handy for a lot people. While some folks rely on their phone as their main computer, many others are on a desktop or laptop computer all day. With Instagram DMs on the web, those people can easily chat from the computer that they’re already on rather than having to constantly switch back and forth between their computer and their phone.

Would you use Instagram DMs on the web if you had access to the feature?

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