Instagram app goes missing in the Microsoft Store for Windows Phone

Instagram on Windows Phone
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It took years for Instagram to launch their app for Windows
Phone. When they did launch the app, it wasn’t a smooth
experience for the users. The app wasn’t feature rich as its
Android and iOS counterparts. But seeing the app itself on the
Microsoft Store was a relief for the users. The Instagram app
for Windows was actually the iOS app ported to the Microsoft
Store using the iOS to Windows bridge tool. The app received
some minor updates with a few features and fixes but it is
still nowhere near that of Android and iOS.

But something is better than nothing- this is exactly what
Windows Phone users are feeling right now. The official
Instagram is now missing in the Microsoft Store for Windows
Phone. Fortunately or unfortunately the app is still available
in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PC.

It may be fortunate because the Instagram app received an
update recently and after that update, it went missing in the
Windows Phone Store. So this could mean that there may be some
bugs or errors in the updated app which makes it unusable in
Windows Phone. So Instagram might have decided to temporarily
remove the app from the Microsoft Store in Windows Phone to
prevent users from downloading it. If this is the case, the
updated app will soon arrive in the Windows Phone Store.

It can also be unfortunate because Instagram might have decided
to pull the app from the Windows Phone Store for obvious
reasons. Many developers have stopped supporting the dying
platform and Instagram might have just followed suit. When
searching for Instagram in the Microsoft Store for PC, it is
shown that Instagram is now only for PCs. Instagram in Microsoft Store for PC

This may seem that Instagram has decided to stop supporting
Windows Phones but it is unlikely because the app was still
usable. Apart from occasional crashes, the app was smooth
enough for normal use. This is the case with most apps on
Windows Phone so the users don’t mind anyway. Apps like
Facebook and Messenger have stopped getting updates but the PC
versions of these apps receive updates once in a while.
Whatsapp receives updates once in a while but it is still not
on par with Android and iOS.

Note that if you have already installed Instagram on your
Windows Phone, you can still use it as you did. Also, you can
find it in the “My library” option in the Microsoft Store, if
you have owned it.

While Instagram has a good web app which lets you like and
comment on photos and even upload photos, it lacks the luxury
of notifications, direct messages and some other features. We
hope to see the app back on the Microsoft Store for Windows
Phones until then let us know what you think about developers
moving away from the Microsoft Store.

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