Instagram adding alternative text to photos to help visually impaired users

Instagram alternative text photos visually impaired users

The latest updates to Instagram are aimed at improving the app’s accessibility.

Instagram today announced two new features to its app. First up is automatic alternative text, which will let you hear descriptions of photos through a screen reader in the Feed, Explore, and Profile sections of Instagram. This feature uses object recognition tech to generate a description of a photo for screen readers so that you can hear a list of items that a photo contains while you browse Instagram.

Also coming to Instagram is custom alternative text so that you can add your own description of your photos when you upload them. People using screen readers will hear these descriptions.

Improving accessibility is always a good thing, and so it’s great to see Instagram adding these alternative text features for visually impaired users. Instagram says that these features are “just first steps toward creating a more accessible Instagram”, so expect to see more accessibility-focused features in the future.

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