Inazuma Eleven Ares ‘Asuto Inamori’s Soccer Classroom: Introduction to Shooting’ trailer


Hello, I’m Asuto Inamori. I play forward for Raimon Middle School. In this video, I want everyone—from those who are just starting to play soccer to those who have never played before—to see the tricks to kicking the ball and the special training methods we’re using!

This time, I’m going to teach you about shooting. At the end of the day, the fun of soccer is when you get a goal, isn’t it? Of course, passing and dribbling is also important, but… let’s practice together to make some stylish goals!

Firmly set the foot that you’re not kicking with at the side of the ball. After that, move that foot about a fist away from the ball. By pointing that foot straight towards the direction of the kick, the ball will fly in the direction you aim. From there, focus on the center of the ball and kick straight ahead. The trick after the kick is to follow your foot through in the direction you aimed using your body’s momentum.

Next, let’s see how it looks during a match.

During a game, you will often have to shoot after dribbling. This is how it will look in an actual match—try to shoot after crossing the opposing team’s defender!

If you practice enough, you’ll even be able to shoot like this. As for dribbling, use both feet and make it a point to not only concentrate on the ball, but to also pay attention to your surroundings. When shooting, try to aim for a spot that the opposing team’s goalie can’t reach!

How was that? It feels good to make a piercing shot, doesn’t it? Everyone, give it a try!

Up next is all sorts of special moves!

[Lesson 2: How to Use Special Moves]

There are tons of special moves in soccer. Endou’s “God Hand,” Gouenji’s “Fire Tornado,” and Kazemaru’s “Shuppuu Dash” are all pretty stylish, aren’t they? This time, I’m going to show you how to use my very own shooting special move, “Shining Bird.”

(Asuto! The coach is calling us!)

Ah, I’ll be right there! Well then, that’s it for today. Thank you for watching!

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