In a year of HQ2, Amazon’s 2018 lobbying bill ballooned to a record $14.2 million

Amazon’s Day 1 building during a company’s Seattle headquarters. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Amazon spent some-more income lobbying a supervision in 2018 than any year in a company’s history.

The Seattle tech giant’s lobbying bill was $14.2 million final year, according to a new filing. It was a year Amazon took a some-more distinguished purpose on a inhabitant domestic stage, creation headlines not usually for faster smoothness times and holiday selling records, though also for some-more polarizing issues.

Amazon kicked off 2018 by vetting 20 cities in a regulating for a second headquarters, a foe that sparked extreme discuss since of a large supervision incentives offering to a association in a hopes of winning 50,000 tech jobs. In November, Amazon announced it would separate a vaunted second domicile between New York City and Northern Virginia. Elected officials and activists in New York have been pulling behind on a plan.

Amazon comparison Northern Virginia and Queens, N.Y., for a second domicile locations. (GeekWire Photos / Monica Nickelsburg)

In 2018, activists started sounding a alarm over Amazon’s facial approval record and a law coercion agencies regulating it. Facial approval was one of Amazon’s lobbying issues final year, according to a filings.

Microsoft and Amazon are opposed for a $10 billion agreement with a Department of Defense to renovate a military’s information record infrastructure, another theme of Amazon’s 2018 lobbying.

Those lobbying dollars also went toward issues associated to a postal use and postal reform. In August, Amazon and other retailers shaped a new lobby, The Package Coalition, after President Donald Trump spent months job for aloft rates and some-more inspection of a company’s attribute with USPS.

Amazon lobbied a supervision on a operation of other issues in 2018 including taxes, synthetic intelligence, and information security. The e-commerce hulk isn’t a usually large tech association augmenting a spending in Washington, D.C. Google and Facebook also set new lobbying annals final year.

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