In Amazon’s hometown, we get a review on Barnes & Noble business as downtown Seattle store closes

A pointer during a opening of a downtown Seattle Barnes Noble alerts shoppers to a store’s imminent closure. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Another territory in Seattle’s storied literary and sell story is entrance to a tighten on Saturday. Barnes Noble is withdrawal a downtown plcae after 22 years, withdrawal a core of a city yet a bookstore.

A bookseller during a vast chain’s Northgate plcae in Seattle pronounced usually that a “lease agreement issue” was to censure for a preference to leave Pacific Place, where redevelopment is now holding place. The worker did not know if Barnes Noble would lapse to a downtown area in a future.

A solid tide of shoppers browsed what was left on shelves Friday during a plcae during 600 Pine St. Magazine and journal racks had already been privileged on a a tip turn of a store, as had several sections downstairs, where business picked over noted down books, toys and more.

The store is only a few blocks from a domicile of Amazon, a tech hulk that started as an online bookseller before expanding into clearly all else, pioneering online sell and eventually rising a possess bookstores and other earthy sell locations. Speaking with GeekWire during a store, Barnes Noble business common their thoughts on Amazon, reading habits, digital devices, a fun of earthy bookstores and more.

‘I can ramble and peruse’

Barnes Noble shopper Michael Brown. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Michael Brown works for Seattle Foundation dual blocks from a bookstore and pronounced that he would cocktail over to crop now and then, infrequently looking to buy and infrequently only saying what was around.

“I’m aged school, we still cite a book,” Brown pronounced when asked if he reads on a Kindle or any other digital device. He was selling for kids books given he likes a thought of his immature son indeed carrying a book in his hands.

Brown’s expenditure of media spans earthy and digital. He likes to review a earthy duplicate of The New York Times via a week, and also have entrance to online news from around a world. He does emporium on Amazon for books and other things.

“Like everybody else, on one palm we adore a convenience of Amazon and being means to go online and not have to travel into a store,” he said. “And during a same time, one of a things we adore about a bookstore is we can come in and ramble and peruse. I’ll move a child and give him a ability to ramble and collect adult his books. we can’t get that with Amazon.

“When we go to Amazon we kind of know what I’m looking for,” Brown added. “When we come in here we don’t, and we find something new.”

‘I come here a lot’

Barnes Noble says on a website that it still operates 627 stores. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)
(GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Another shopper named Alice, who elite to give only her initial name, also forsaken into a store from work circuitously during Nordstrom.

“I come here a lot. I’m a large reader,” pronounced Alice, who has been entrance to a plcae given it non-stop in 1998. She pronounced that while she’ll review news on digital devices, when she reads for delight she still likes to reason a book. She will buy books online, yet not from Amazon. “I’m not an Amazon supporter.”

Alice is happy that a new eccentric bookshop, called Paper Boat Booksellers, non-stop in West Seattle in a arise of a shutting of another Barnes Noble plcae in that area final year. She pronounced she also likes to leave books in small lending libraries around city to “keep a flow” of books going.

With a present label in palm that she hoped to use up, Alice was clearly bummed that her slight divided from work — looking during magazines, browsing cookbooks — was about to change.

“I’m going to skip being means to wander in a bookstore,” she pronounced Friday.

‘I only adore information’

Kyle Rose. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

Kyle Rose works in genuine estate financial and as he was looking during unclothed shelves he couldn’t assistance consternation what would go into a outrageous Pacific Place space that Barnes Noble is vacating. He’s been entrance to a store given he changed to Seattle in 2014.

“You can go to any Barnes Noble and we don’t consider there’s one that doesn’t demeanour like it’s not from a Meg Ryan movie,” Rose said, shouting about a chain’s unvaried looked over a years.

Rose has a Kindle — given it’s “hard to lift 20 books on a train” — yet he has difficulty reading on screens for a prolonged duration of time. And he likes a smell and feel of earthy books.

“I have a outrageous library of analog books and we substantially always will,” he said. “I review zero yet nonfiction. we only adore information. This one had a flattering large territory on engineering and polite engineering during one indicate — it kind of went a approach of a bookstore itself.”

Rose pronounced Seattle has a lot of great, smaller bookstores and Elliott Bay Book Co. on Capitol Hill is one of his loves. “But downtown … we don’t know.”

‘Sad to see any bookstore close’

(GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)
(GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

John Lewis was sitting nearby a store escalator reading on Friday. He’s from Lake Forest Park, north of Seattle, where he has a “wonderful, abounding bookstore” called Third Place Books.

“I’m unhappy to see any bookstore close,” Lewis said. “I consider it’s a genuine mistreat for a city given all kinds of information and different opinions are sole here and it’s a genuine amicable good to have good bookstores around.”

Lewis likes nonfiction and he’ll review on digital or analog, yet he prefers to reason a paper book.

“We buy from Amazon when we can’t get books elsewhere. So we consider it provides a genuine service,” Lewis said. “I’m only unhappy to see section and trebuchet bookstores go out of business.”

Barnes Noble on Pine Street in downtown Seattle. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

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