Ikaruga for PS4 launches June 29



The PlayStation 4 version of Ikaruga will launch worldwide on June 29 for $9.99 / 980 yen, developer Treasure announced (2).

Ikaruga on PlayStation 4 is a complete port of the PC version. It implements all of its functions, including “Double Play,” “Prototype,” “Replay,” “Ranking Downloads,” “Screen Rotation,” and “Horizontal Shooting Mode,” has completely revamped icons, and supports 4K resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro and 4K monitors.

Ikaruga was first released for arcades in Japan in 2001, followed by Dreamcast in Japan in 2002, Gamecube worldwide in 2003, Xbox 360 worldwide in 2008, PC (Steam) worldwide in 2014, and Switch worldwide in May 2018.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Shoot! Dodge! and… Get Hit!?

Ikaruga is a vertical shoot ’em up that features an unique polarity-switching gameplay. Switch the ship’s polarity and “get hit and absorb” enemy bullets! Achieve High Score with the chain bonus!


  • The player ship, all enemies and bullets are black or white. Player’s polarity can be switched at will.
  • Your ship can absorb enemy bullets of the same polarity. Filled energy goes to fire powerful homing lasers! (Release Power.)
  • Defeat three enemies in a row of the same polarity and get the chain bonus! Building up high scores feels like a puzzle game?
  • Spectacular 3D graphics. Fast and smooth game play.
  • Two-player game (Local) and Double Play modes: You can play a two-player game with one controller.
  • Five levels. Tactical level design and boss battles.
  • Three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard. Change your tactics depending on the difficulty.
  • Two game modes: Arcade, Prototype (not hidden).
  • Replay data save is available. You can also download them from the Leaderboards.
  • Vertical screen mode support. You can also play the game like a side-scrolling shooter by rotating only the game screen.
  • Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse support.

View a set of screenshots from the PlayStation 4 version at the gallery.

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