Idea Factory announces 25th anniversary project Mega Miracle Force for smartphones [Update]


Original 11/27/18 at 4:18 a.m.: Idea Factory has announced Mega Miracle Force, a 25th anniversary tactical simulation RPG for smartphones due out in late January 2019 in Japan.

Mega Miracle Force

Mega Miracle Force will feature characters from Compile Heart and Idea Factory titles, and feature “miracle” mechanics that fans will enjoy.

Visit the teaser website here.

Mega Miracle Force

Mega Miracle Force

Thanks, Famitsu.

Update 11:15 p.m.: More information has come in.

About the Game

  • Development is being handled by Zoo with cooperation by Axel, and distribution by NTT Plala.
  • The game is a gathering of Compile Heart’s poplar titles—the studio has put out more than 70 titles (Neptunia, Genkai Tokki, Fairy Fencer F, Omega Quintet, Trillion, Tokyo Clanpool, Death end re;Quest etc.).
  • The game features a “deep” story that unfolds in the Megadimension. In addition to the main scenario, Idea Factory plans to add character-focused episodes.
  • “Link Cards” featuring illustrations and memorable scenes from each title will appear.
  • Combat use a simple, but deep five-versus-five tactical simulation battle system.
  • The theme song is “Toraware no Mirage” and is performed by idol group Erabareshi.


  • “Mega Miracle Characters,” or fusions of characters from different titles, will appear. For example, “Hirotune” is a fusion of Spectral Force‘s Hiro and Neptunia‘s Neptune.
  • An (voiced by Yuki Nagano, illustrated by Minamitsu)
  • Alto (voiced by Ippei Matsuoka)
  • Aina (voiced by Atsuko Katou)
  • Lilia (illustrated by Katsuyuki Hirano)
  • Mayura (illustrated by Tatsunori Takamura)

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