Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure announced for smartphones


Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure

The latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals 3D action RPG Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure for smartphones. It will launch in 2018 in Japan.

The game is set following the “Greed Island” arc. After Gon and the others cleared Greed Island, the leadership of the Hunter Association changes. With the birth of Greed Island 2, what sort of incidents await? The game’s story is about solving the mystery of Greed Island 2. The map of the island will faithfully produce that of the original work, according to the magazine.

In battle, players can summon characters depicted on cards. Skill cards will give you an upper hand in battle. By equipping characters with these cards, you will be able to use various abilities, such as attack and recovery type skills. Nen Abilities, which can decide the outcome of a battle, can be activated with a single tap.

During adventure parts, you can enjoy the story that unfolds on the new setting of Greed Island 2, as well as relive the story from the Hunter x Hunter original work.

The game’s official website will be open here on September 3.

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