Huawei strikes TomTom deal for Google Maps replacement

Huawei Mate 20

Huawei is still dealing with the U.S. ban that has blocked it from using Google apps and services on its new Android phones, and as a result, Huawei has found a new partner to get mapping data on its devices.

Huawei has struck a deal with TomTom to use its maps and services on smartphones. A TomTom spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that the deal with Huawei closed some time ago, but it’s just now being made public.

As part of this deal, Huawei will be able to use TomTom’s maps, traffic information, and navigation software in its smartphone apps.

Maps and navigation are hugely important for smartphones nowadays because so many people rely on those features to help them get around. Losing access to Google Maps along with other Google services is an issue for Huawei, which is what makes this deal with Dutch company TomTom important. Now Huawei has a new partner with mapping data and experience that it can rely on.

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