Huawei caught trying to pass off DSLR photo as a Nova 3 capture


Huawei recently launched a new ad promoting the front-facing camera and its selfie capabilities on the Nova 3. However, the ad is causing a bit of a stir online.

The commercial shows a couple taking selfies in several different situations, including one where an actress is putting makeup on. Reddit user AbdullahSab3 discovered that the actress, Sarah Elshamy, shared a behind-the-scenes photo of this scenario on her Instagram page, and it revealed that the “selfie” taken by the actor in the ad was actually taken by a DSLR. Elshamy has since deleted the photo.

Huawei Nova 3 ad DSLR Instagram

When asked about the DSLR photo, Huawei told CNET that the disclaimer at the end of the commercial says that the photos and content “are for reference only.” The English translation of the Arabic text says, “Product characteristics and actual specifications may vary (including but not limited to appearance, color, size), as well as actual presentation contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, user interface, and controls).”

The ad seems to imply that the selfies shown are taken by Huawei’s Nova 3, which is why the commercial and Elshamy’s photo is causing such a stir. What’s more, this isn’t the first time that Huawei has tried to pass off a photo taken by a DSLR as one taken by one of its phones. Back in 2016, the company shared a photo to Google+ that seemed to imply that it was taken by the Huawei P9, but it was actually snapped by a DSLR. Huawei said that that photo was meant to “inspire [its] community”.

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