HTC’s 2019 revenue dropped nearly 60% compared to 2018

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HTC today reported its revenue for December 2019, and things aren’t looking great for the company that used to be one of the top smartphone makers around.

HTC says that it pulled in revenue of NT$ 10.01 billion, or $333 million USD, for 2019. That’s a 57.82% drop compared to 2018 when HTC got NT$23.74 billion, or $789.6 million USD.

Things are worse when you look back to 2017. HTC’s revenue has dropped 84% from 2017 when the company got NT$62.1 billion, or $2 billion USD. As noted by Bloomberg‘s Tim Culpan, Apple makes more from selling AirPods in two weeks than HTC gets from an entire year’s worth of product sales.

It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling a bit lately. We haven’t really seen a new flagship from the company in some time, but it did license its name for the new HTC Wildfire X that launched in India last year. Instead of putting out new phones, HTC has been focusing on its virtual reality efforts more lately, launching VR headsets like the Cosmos. And while that VR focus is likely why HTC hasn’t released many new phones lately, it’s still kind of a bummer to see the maker of devices like the G1 and One M7 largely missing from the smartphone market.

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