HTC reveals Android 9.0 Pie update plans

Android Pie official logo

Now that Android 9.0 Pie is official, lots of existing Android users are probably wondering whether or not their phone will get a piece of Pie. Today we’ve got some info about that relating to HTC products.

HTC has confirmed that four of its Android phones will be updated to Pie. They are the HTC U12+, HTC U11+, HTC U11, and HTC U11 Life (Android One). The timing of these updates will be announced later on.

It’s no surprise to see that devices like the HTC U12+ and HTC U11 will be updated to Android Pie, but it’s still nice to get confirmation. Interestingly, HTC’s list specifically calls out the Android One version of the HTC U11 Life but doesn’t mention the unlocked version running HTC’s custom Sense UI, so it looks like that phone may not get an update to Pie.

Do you have one of HTC’s phones that’ll get an update to Android Pie?

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