HTC Exodus is a new blockchain-powered smartphone

HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone official

It’s expected that HTC will introduce a new flagship smartphone later this month, but before then, a different HTC handset has made its debut.

The HTC Exodus is a new Android smartphone that’s powered by the blockchain. The device will include a universal wallet and built-in secure hardware enclave, says The Next Web, with support for cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.

Phil Chen, who helped create the HTC Vive, is in charge of HTC’s blockchain and cryptocurrency efforts. Chen says that HTC Exodus will support Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more, with additional partnerships coming. “We would like to support the entire blockchain ecosystem,” Chen said.

HTC Exodus logo

HTC intends to create a native blockchain network, which will include all Exodus phones acting as nodes for cryptocurrency trading between users.

There aren’t many other details about the HTC Exodus available right now. For example, its hardware specs remain a mystery as does its price, but HTC may accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for the Exodus whenever it launches.

This news comes as a bit of a surprise, as we haven’t heard anything about it before and we aren’t exactly seeing many blockchain-focused smartphones come to market, especially from established players like HTC. The HTC Exodus isn’t likely to become a huge mainstream success, but with the popularity of cryptocurrency, it could help HTC to gain some cred with those interested in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Considering HTC’s recent struggles, any new support it can get would be a good thing.

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