How to Make Round Logo on Photoshop CC


Using Photoshop may be a little bit hard for beginners. Well, if you are going to make a professional logo using Photoshop CC, you need a little bit of energy, patience, and an end goal. These simple steps will give you a guidance to help you in making your logo. Let’s have a check on the steps of how to make round logo on Photoshop CC below.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

The first thing you should do is choosing a color scheme. Make sure that you choose colors which can go well together, but aren’t complimentary. It is better for you to avoid sending wrong messages through your colors. For example, labeling Christmas logo with blue and orange may be a little hard on the eyes.

2. Open Photoshop CC and Start Your New Project

Open the Photoshop CC, and then start a new project. Don’t forget to give it an easy name to remember. If you want to create a standard logo, make the project 11 inches/27.9 cm by 8.5 inches. If you want to print the logo out, change the color mode to CMYK 8bit.

3. Use Different Colored and Sized Circle

You can use three or four different colored and sized circle to create a shape. Select the Ellipse Tool, click on this tool. Hold the tool until a window pops with different tools which can be chosen. Choose either the other tool such as rectangle tool to draw different shapes. Make sure that you add a new layer between each shape.

4. Group the Layers

After you have done with shape matter, you should group the layers that you made. Then, label them “Logo Base”.

5. Add Text

You can add text to your logo by selecting text tool or pressing T on your keyboard. Click on where you want to put your text. After that, type in the name of whatever company or product you are creating the logo for. Don’t forget to scale, recolor, and resize the text to make it more sophisticated.

6. Spice it up

The sixth step is spicing the logo up with some clean art. For example, you can add a question mark to indicate what this site will help you do. Find something unique and add it into your design. It’s better to avoid big complicated line drawings and make sure the background of your logo is always transparent.

7. Save the File

The last step you need to do is save the file as a TIFF. Save it by select save as or pressing Shift+Ctrl+S at your keyboard. It includes all layers, and use it as you place. Then, your logo is ready to be used or to be printed out.

Those are the simple steps of how to make round logo on Photoshop CC. Even though, creating logos using Adobe Photoshop may hard for beginners, but if you have energy, strong eagerness, and patience, you will get the good result. Don’t forget to improve your skill by practicing every day. Let’s begin your logo design right now!

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