How to download new Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft’s rebuilt Edge browser is finally here with a modern
design, support for Google Chrome extensions, and more. In this
guide, we’ll help you download and install the new Chromium
Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Back in December 2019, Microsoft said they’re adopting Chromium
in its Edge browser, effectively killing its rendering engine
‘EdgeHTML’ in favour of ‘Blink’ rendering engine, the same web
engine that powers Google Chrome and Opera.

Today, the company has released the stable build of Microsoft
Edge which is be based on the open-source platform. With
Chromium Edge, Microsoft aims to contribute more to Chromium,
which will improve the other browsers as well, most notably
Google Chrome.

According to
Microsoft’s rollout plans for Edge, the browser may not
automatically show up on your PC before the spring. If you
can’t wait that long, you can manually download and install new
Microsoft Edge.

How to download Microsoft Chromium Edge

  1. Go to Microsoft Edge website.
  2. On the page, you’ll find a giant ‘Download now’ button. You
    have to click on the downward-facing arrow.
  3. Select the appropriate option (Windows 10, Windows 7, or
    macOS).Edge download option
  4. Click the “Download” button and agree to terms &
  5. Run the installer and browser will begin
    downloading.Edge taskbar icon
  6. When the Edge browser finishes downloading, the taskbar may
    blink and Microsoft Edge icon will change to the new one.

The installer will automatically replace the classic Microsoft
Edge shortcuts with the new one. Microsoft Edge should
automatically launch after the program finishes downloading,
but you can also launch the browser from the desktop, taskbar
or Start menu.

If you have installed the browser for the first time on your
PC, you will be prompted to migrate the data and customize Edge
to your liking. Your classic Edge settings, history, favourites
and other basic data will migrate automatically. If you use
Chrome, you will be prompted to import data from Chrome.

Microsoft Edge layout

You will also need to choose the layout for the New Tab Page
(NTP). Microsoft Edge will ask you whether you want focused
(clean) layout, inspiration or informational layout.

While the first option gives you a clean tab page, the last two
option are the news-focused interface with minor changes to the
overall layout. After selecting a particular layout, you can
also disable some of the elements like news feed from the
settings cog icon on the homepage.

After configuring the layout, you’ll be prompted to sync your
passwords and you can now use Edge to browse the web.

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