How to create Windows 10 Redstone 4 ISO Images from ESD

Windows 10 Redstone 4 ISO Images
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Microsoft has already released the final version of Windows 10
Redstone 4 for the Insiders and there are various ways to
upgrade your PC to the newest version of the operating system.
The Windows 10 Redstone 4 ISO Images will be released soon but
in the meantime, you can use the official ESD files to create
your own ISO Image.

While Microsoft has already completed the typical steps ahead
of new Windows 10 release, the company failed to finalize the
RTM candidate, according to the rumours. The development of the
update has been finalized.

next version of Windows 10 was projected to launch on April
10 but as the update reportedly included a blocking bug,
Microsoft decided to hold the public rollout. Windows 10 Build
17133 has been long considered the RTM build of Redstone 4
update because
Microsoft pushed it to the Release Preview Ring which is used
for final testing. It is, however, worth noting that
Microsoft never commented on the release date and name of the
Windows 10 version 1803, whatever we have heard so far have
rumours from secondary sources. In other words, the Release
Preview is a ring which only receives new builds before public

Microsoft has also released cumulative updates for Build 17133
with fixes, improvements and even security patches. People
familiar with the matter claim that
Windows 10 version 1803 ‘Spring Creators Update’ has been
delayed and Microsoft could push back the release.
Microsoft is also looking for a new name for the update,
instead of the Spring Creators Update moniker.

Create Windows 10 Redstone 4 ISO Images from Build 17133 ESD

An ESD file of Windows 10 is
basically encrypted Windows Imaging Format
(.WIM) and it can be converted to ISO Images.

  • Download ESD Decrypter (it’s a
    third-party tool, use it at your own risk).
  • Download Redstone 4 EN_US ESD from here (Microsoft’s
  • Download Redstone 4 EN_GB ESD from here (Microsoft’s

How to convert Windows 10 Redstone 4 ESD Files to ISO

  • If the ESD file is locked, you may need to unblock in order
    to convert. Select the ESD, right click and in Properties ->
    Security panel, hit the unblock button.
  • Create a folder esdec in drive C, and extract the ESD
    Decrypter to C: esdec.
  • Place the ESD file inside the folder.
  • Run decrypt.cmd with Administrator privileges.
  • Type 2 to select the Create full ISO with
    the Compressed install.esd option.
  • Press Enter to begin the process.
  • The ISO file will be created and stored in the same folder.

It is worth noting that the above process will download and
create Windows 10 Build 17133 ESD and ISO files. It’s been
discovered that Microsoft compiled Build 17134, so
again, 17133 is no longer an RTM build.

Microsoft decided to hold back the release of the Windows
10 Spring Creators Update due to a blocking bug. A new Windows
10 Redstone 4 Build could be shipped to Windows Insiders in the
coming weeks. You can also read our detailed guide
to upgrade
your PC to Windows 10 Spring Creators Update by joining the
Release Preview Ring.

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