How to check exact Wi-Fi signal strength on Windows 10

Windows 10 Network status

In a house or apartment, there may be various factors affecting
your Wi-Fi signal strength, coverage, and connectivity speeds.
If you think your internet connection has slowed down lately,
you can check the Wi-Fi signal strength to find out the
connection performance.

Before you buy a new router or change the Internet Service
Provider (ISP), you should check your Wi-Fi signal strength and
determine if the slow performance issue is an issue with the
ISP or your router.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the steps to check Wi-Fi
signal strength on Windows 10 with Command Prompt, PowerShell,
and a Microsoft Store app.

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength using Command Prompt

To check Wi-Fi signal strength on Windows 10 with Command
Prompt, follow these steps:

  1. Open Start menu.
  2. Type “command” and you’ll see “Command Prompt.”
  3. Select Command Prompt result.
  4. Choose “Run as administrator.”
    Command Prompt Search
  5. In Command Prompt window, enter “netsh wlan show

The above interface command displays your network signal
strength as a percentage. Every detail about the connected
Wi-Fi network and the network adapter is collected and
presented in a table.

WiFi signal in Command Prompt

As you can see in the above screenshot, the “Signal” field
contains the percentage of your Wi-Fi router signal quality.

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength using PowerShell

To check Wi-Fi signal strength on Windows 10 with PowerShell,
follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on Start menu icon or press Windows+X.
  2. Click “Windows PowerShell (Admin).”
  3. In the PowerShell window, enter the following command.
  4. (netsh wlan show interfaces) -Match ‘^s+Signal’ -Replace

The above PowerShell command gives you the exact Wi-Fi signal
strength of your router.

WiFi signal in PowerShell

Use Wi-Fi Analyzer apps from the Microsoft Store

Windows also allow you to determine your Wi-Fi signal strength
with third-party apps. In Microsoft Store, there are many free
Wi-Fi analyzer apps and they are very easy to use.

Our favourite app is “WiFi Analyzer”, which can be downloaded
for free from the Microsoft
Store. The app provides a vast range of data for networks
and it also allows you to monitor and manage wireless networks
in your area.

WiFi Analyzer app

Based on the Wi-Fi signal, you can troubleshoot network issues.

If your signal strength is consistently below 60%, the Wi-Fi
has gotten sluggish and you should consider changing the router
placement. For optimal performance, the router should be in the
center of your house, if possible.

Or you can also use any Wi-Fi analyzer app from the Microsoft
Store apps to see what channels neighbouring Wi-Fi networks are

For instance, if your and most of the networks in your area are
using channel 11, you are going to encounter signal congestion.
This can be fixed if you or the router automatically choose the
least congested channel. If your routers choose a predefined
channel, you can fix it by manually selecting other available
channels such as 1 or 6.

There are many other ways to get a faster wireless network
performance at home. You can either knock down a few walls in
your house or buy a new set of network hardware such as the
router or Wi-Fi 6 adapter for your computer.

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