How should Apple change iOS in 2019?

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One year ago to the day, there was a report out that suggested Apple was planning on delaying some features it originally had slated to debut with iOS 12, all in a bid to focus on performance for the mobile operating system. The iOS update last year did indeed focus on performance, while adding a few new features along the way, but the bigger changes are still waiting in the wings. That is, if the rumors are true.

And, hopefully, they are.

Not to say that iOS has grown stale over the years, but if someone did say that I don’t think I’d say they were wrong, either. The good news here is that, for most people, iOS still works in the way they want it to, so maybe any major shakeups to the general UI or overall aesthetic isn’t necessary. But, if that report from a year ago is accurate, that means we could see many, if not all, of those delayed features see the light of day this year with iOS 13.

The biggest of which is supposedly the redesign of the home screen. Apple’s iOS has been a grid of icons since day one, which feels like forever ago at this point. Even if Apple just decided to change this one thing, but keep everything else the same (aside from necessary improvements and tweaks), this could rock the boat in a big way. Some people like the grid of icons the way it is, but just want some minor changes here and there. Others, of course, would like to see the whole thing blown up and designed in some different way.

Whatever Apple chooses, it’s likely going to see plenty of backlash. Not that the company is a stranger to that at all, of course. Still, it’s potentially the most exciting thing to consider so early in 2019. Will we see a totally redesigned iOS when the Worldwide Developers Conference in June rolls around? Maybe!

Personally, I don’t mind the grid of icons. I’ve just grown accustomed to it at this point, and even when I switch to Android I don’t add any sort of widgets anymore. So a major change here doesn’t necessarily strike my fancy. Not this early, anyway. Maybe if Apple develops something really awesome it can change my mind.

It does have me wondering what you might want to see out of iOS this year, though. And I want to hear from both iOS owners and Android users who might think about switching to Apple’s mobile OS if some key things were changed. What do you hope to see added or changed (or removed!?) in iOS in 2019?

Here’s one of my wishes: Change Control Center to something else. The grid of icons/widgets is fine, I guess, but I’m not a fan of it at all. At least, not when it comes to the music section. And that’s it, basically. The old Control Center had a dedicated panel for media playback and I want something like that to come back. Bigger album artwork especially.

What about you? Let me know!

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