How has your iOS 13 experience been so far?

iOS 13 on an iPhone 11

So, iOS 13 has been available for a bit of time now. Apple launched the latest big update to its mobile operating system back in the middle of September, but it was quickly discovered that the software was littered with bugs, both big and small. As such, not even a week later Apple released iOS 13.1 to the public, aiming to fix a lot of those issues and even throw in some new features for good measure.

That update wasn’t good enough to squash all of the bugs and issues, so Apple released iOS 13.1.1, which was subsequently replaced by iOS 13.1.2 in short order. So that gets us all caught up with the latest public release of iOS 13, but Apple is already working on iOS 13.2, which will probably see a public launch in the not too distant future.

It’s been a crazy release schedule, that’s for sure.

I was lucky enough to avoid most of the bugs that iOS 13.1, iOS 13.1.1, and iOS 13.1.2 were supposed to patch. I saw a lot of people discussing their own issues with the software before Apple sent out the updates, and I definitely felt bad for most of them because some of the issues sounded pretty annoying. And it does sound like Apple has fixed most, if not all, of the issues right now, so that is good news.

However, I can’t help but wonder if the issue I’m having with iOS 13 —and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, by default— is going to be fixed, or if I’m going to be left in the dark as other issues get patched up. Which makes me curious about your own experience with iOS 13 so far.

My issues with iOS 13 are directly related to CarPlay. Before the major update, and before I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, CarPlay worked beautifully. I just got in the car, plugged in the phone, and it worked. It just worked. Now? It’s about the complete opposite. Whether it’s the new software or the new hardware, my CarPlay experience has taken a drastic 180-degree turn for the worse.

Now when I plug in my phone it can take up to five minutes before AirPlay decides to kick in. Sometimes it’s instantaneous. Sometimes it launches somewhere between when I plug it in and the five minute max wait I’ve noticed so far. And, worse, sometimes CarPlay just doesn’t work at all. In the event of CarPlay not working the car will eventually figure out there’s a media player plugged in through USB and start playing music that way. Which is great, I guess. It’s better than nothing at least.

I’ve searched online for others having a similar issue, and while it does not appear to be a rampant problem, I’m not alone in this. I hope that Apple fixes it quickly, because otherwise iOS 13 has been pretty great for me on a daily basis. But this CarPlay situation oftentimes makes me wish I hadn’t upgraded, both software and hardware, and that’s not great.

How about you? How has your iOS and/or iPhone 11/Pro experience been so far? Let me know!

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