Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong coming to Switch

Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong

Hot Gimmick: Axes-jong, which first launched for PlayStation 2 in April 2005 in Japan, is coming to Switch, developer Zerodiv announced in a newly published interview with

Here is an overview of the mahjong title, via PlayStation Japan:

The “digital surfing” of the Hot Gimmick series powered-up! Like previous titles, this game challenges risky scenes with familiar expressions of “punishment” for ages 18 and up. In “1P Mode,” the characters, illustrated by various designers, will go to the utmost limits of exposure! You can also appreciate the pleasure of victory with the age-old “Button Mash.”

Another Hot Gimmick title, Hot Gimmick Cosplay-jong, is already available for Switch.

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