Hideo Kojima Explains Death Stranding Tape’s Gameplay Purpose


Hideo Kojima Explains Death Stranding Tape’s Gameplay Purpose

June 28, 2018Written by Lucas White

death stranding tape

Despite several on-stage appearances as a variety of events, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is still largely a mystery. What little “gameplay” footage we’ve seen has been the game’s protagonist, Sam, walking around in the world’s empty landscapes. But we do know that there is an element of Sam making deliveries, and now we know a small piece of how that works. Yes, I’m talking about the bright, yellow tape that’s everywhere in Death Stranding‘s marketing so far.

According to a tweet from Kojima himself, the tape is an important in-game element that ties into the parts of the game in which Sam is making deliveries. The tape, which he calls “Damage Censor Tape,” is a way for players to gauge the integrity of a package. He says that the “censor” exists in the tape’s threading, and that it will change color as it receives damage.

That’s about it! I imagine Kojima means “sensor,” instead of “censor,” but it is what it is. There’s also a cute line in the tweet about how the life-sized statue of Sam features the tape, and how Kojima hopes the tape and the statue will help people with their cosplays, fan art, so on and so forth.

[Source: Twitter]

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