Hey, roomie, I’m Alexa: Saint Louis University putting 2,300 Amazon Echo Dots in tyro housing


Amazon Echo Dots during Saint Louis University will come with a SLU-specific ability to assistance students. (SLU Photo)

Students headed behind to propagandize during one university this tumble will be removing to know a new kind of roommate in chateau halls and tyro apartments — Alexa.

Amazon and Saint Louis University announced Thursday that a private propagandize will be a initial in a U.S. to move practical personal assistants to each tyro chateau on campus. SLU will be environment adult 2,300 Echo Dots.

The Dots will also yield students entrance to an disdainful SLU skill, done probable by Alexa for Business and n-Powered, that will yield answers to some-more than 100 tradition questions associated to several aspects of tyro life including sporting events, library hours, concerts, vocalization engagements, directions on campus and more.

“Every notation we can save a students from carrying to hunt for a information they need online is another notation that they can spend focused on their education,” David Hakanson, a University’s clamp boss and CIO said, pronounced in a news release.

SLU staid on Amazon’s device after a commander plan in that a Echo Dots were placed in 20 chateau gymnasium bedrooms and a competing device was used in another 20 rooms. The Dot perceived a many certain feedback from students, according to a university.

“I consider it’s unequivocally innovative,” pronounced Katlyn Martin, boss of SLU’s Student Government Association, in a SLU story about a program. “By interacting with record in a cold way, a students will have another apparatus to find things to do on campus …”

SLU has a web page dedicated to questions students competence have about Alexa in their dorm rooms, including either they should be endangered about remoteness and either they can tongue-tied a Dots.

Arizona State University also brought Dots to campus final summer in a module directed during engineering students vital in a specific chateau during a school. ASU also employed a school-specific ability meant to raise tyro life.

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