Here’s what’s fixed and broken in latest Windows 10 build 17704

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Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 build for Fast Ring
and Skip Ahead Ring Insiders. The latest build comes with many
new features for Microsoft Edge and an all new Skype UWP
application with new UI and features. You can refer our
dedicated article for what’s new

As is always the case, the Insider build comes with its share
of known issues and bug fixes from earlier flights. Below we
note down of what’s fixed and broken in the latest Windows 10
build 17704.

What’s fixed:

  • Microsoft is making improvements to the Sets in upcoming
    builds to integrate it better with Office and Microsoft Edge.
  • Sets has now been removed from the current Insider build
    and will return in new upcoming builds after improvements.
  • Microsoft fixed issue for the Surface Studio users who were
    not able to upgrade to build 17698. The Surface Studio user
    will now be able to update to the latest build via Windows
    Update without any error.
  • The lock screen crashing when Picture password was selected
    has now been fixed in the latest build.
  • Windows Insiders can now enable the Clipboard history by
    clicking on WIN+V.
  • Earlier Windows Insiders reported issues with some cards in
    Timeline appearing with text drawn twice. This issue has now
    been fixed with the latest flight.
  • Crashing issue with the Digital Assistant Cortana when
    trying to edit reminders has now been fixed with this build.
  • Microsoft is updating the sorting by size filters in File
    Explorer based on the feedback received by the Windows Insiders
    with new options Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge and Gigantic.
  • New keywords have been added to the settings like rename
    which will take you to “View your PC name” to be able to rename
    your PC.
  • Crashing of the Settings page when trying to change the
    default browser option has now been fixed in the latest flight.
  • Background Apps reverting back to default settings after a
    reboot has now been fixed.
  • Issues related to the Bluetooth device not connecting and
    missing when turned off has now been fixed.
  • To improve clarity, Microsoft has now created two new
    options for Personalization and Speech Settings. You would need
    to go to Settings > Privacy > Speech, Inking & typing to
    get the two new options  “Settings > Privacy >
    Speech and Settings > Privacy > Inking & typing
  • Microsoft Edge exiting full screen video mode if focus set
    to Outlook Windows on secondary monitor has now been fixed.
  • Issue when using the Emoji Panel in a win32 app the first
    letter of the search might get dropped has now been fixed.
  • For touch keyboard users, Microsoft has now made the
    clipboard button always visible in the candidate pane, clicking
    on it will take you to clipboard history and paste form.
  • An on/off toggle has been introduced for the Narrator in
    the Ease of Access flyout on the login screen.

Known Issues:

  • With this build you will not be able to download and
    install some of the languages like km-KH,
    sd-Arab-PK, si-LK, gu-IN, hy-AM, ha-Latn-NG, nso-ZA,
    ta-IN, tt-RU, te-IN, ti-ET, tk-TM, ur-PK, ug-CN, uz-Latn-UZ,
    ca-ES-valencia, vi-VN, cy-GB, wo-SN, yo-NG, kok-IN, mk-MK,
    lb-LU, ky-KG, lo-LA, ms-MY and more.
  • As noted in previous flights the dark theme in File
    Explorer will see some unexpecteded light colors when in dark
  • The taskbar flyouts (network, volume, etc) will no longer
    have an acrylic background after upgrading to this build.
  • Some settings for HDR videos, games and apps in new HD
    Color page under System > Display will not work temporarily
    and users will not be able to enable/disable HDR display
  • When you use the Ease of Access > Make Text bigger
    setting, you may see text clipping issues, or find that text is
    not increasing in size everywhere.
  • Some text appear very tiny after reverting the “Make text
    bigger” value to 0% if your System > Display > Scaling
    and layout is not set to 100%. This issue will be fixed in the
    next upcoming flights.

As is always advised by us, please go through the full list of
known issues before upgrading to the new Windows 10 build

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