Here’s what’s coming in the future versions of Windows 10

Windows 10 May 2020 Update was recently released to consumers,
but unlike some previous feature updates, version 2004 doesn’t
introduce a bunch of major features.

The feature update includes several useful tweaks to the
operating system, such as the option to move Cortana window,
reset desktop using Cloud Reset, and an improved interface for
2-in-1 PCs.

Microsoft’s next Windows 10 feature update, codenamed 21H1,
could be a major release, unlike May 2020 Update. We don’t know
exactly what it will include and what its official name will
be, but it’s said to be launching sometime in the spring of

In this article, we’ve highlighted every feature that Microsoft
is currently testing for Windows 10.

Storage Recommendations

Windows 10 comes with Storage Settings page that allows you to
scan the local drives to free up the temporary files, apps, and
other data that eats up space.

Beginning with the next Windows 10 feature update, the Storage
Settings will provide cleanup recommendations to help you free
up space and remove unused apps or files that you probably
don’t need.

Storage Recommendations

The cleanup tool lists all recommendations on one page, thus
making it easier for users to make free space.

As you can see in the above screenshot, cleanup recommendations
will be grouped in several categories, including unused
apps/files and large files.

Apps & Features

Microsoft is working on an improved Apps & Features page,
according to an “AppManager” app allegedly published by
Microsoft in the app store.

Apps and Features

This appears to be an upgrade to the existing Apps & Features
page of the Settings app. It looks like Windows 10’s Apps &
Features page will finally allow users to view the processes
running in the background and you’ll be able to uninstall apps
as well.

Start Menu

Windows 10 is also getting a
new Start Menu design next year. Microsoft has recently
published a new preview build which showcases the Start Menu
with theme-aware tiles.

While the redesigned Start Menu doesn’t appear to be a massive
change initially, more work is in the pipeline as Microsoft is
looking to make the operating system look cleaner and more

Windows 10 Fluent Start Menu

The Live tiles have been updated to become “theme-aware” and
they will now carry the same colour background for a uniform
appearance. As a result, the colour of your live tiles pinned
to the Start Menu matches whether you’re running light or dark

You can still apply an accent colour if you wish.


Windows 10 preview update also changes the way Alt-Tab
works by allowing users to quickly switch between the
windows and Microsoft Edge tabs you have open.

Each tab of Microsoft Edge will be displayed separately in the
Alt-Tab apps switching screen. If you’ve got a few tabs open,
you’ll be able to switch between tabs and apps using Alt+Tab
keyboard shortcut.

Windows 10 Alt Tab switcher

Microsoft says it has included the option to disable the new
Alt-Tab experience for those who have a lot of tabs open.

Other tweaks

Microsoft is planning to bring Settings and Control Panel
“closer”. As part of its new plan, the tech giant is updating
the Settings app to include options from the Control Panel and
classic flyout menus.

Microsoft is also updating Settings > System > Sound >
Manage sound devices to let you know which device is the
default. You can click on the sound device to set it as

Volume mixer

The classic volume mixer has been updated to include a link to
the modern audio settings, which you can use to configure the
audio experience.

There are plans to streamline the Settings experience across
the operating system before removing any pages of the Control

Rumoured features

Here’s a list of unconfirmed and rumoured features:

Modern volume flyout

Overhauled volume flyout was recently spotted again in the
latest preview build of Windows 10. Microsoft is believed to be
working on a new media playback controls for the flyout which
pops up from the taskbar whenever you click on the sound icon.

Modern volume control

The above screenshot shows off the updated flyout and it no
longer looks outdated. It also fits in much better with Windows
10’s Fluent look, thanks to the translucent effect around the

It can provide controls to skip tracks, play or pause a track,
and you can also view the album information when available.

The new flyout is also integrated with the likes of Spotify,
Netflix, Groove Music, and YouTube in Edge or Chrome.

Disk Management

Microsoft also appears to be working on a modern Disk
Management or Partition Tool for Windows 10.

References to “Modern_Disk_Management_Link” are still present
in the most recent preview build of Windows 10, which suggest
that the tech giant is internally working on a modern partition
management tool.

Windows 10X-like faster Windows Updates

According to reports, Microsoft is said to be working on
Windows 10X-like Windows Update experience for Windows 10 where
the updates will take place in the background and operate a bit
differently than the traditional. As a result, Windows updates
will install faster and require fewer reboots.

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