Here’s What to Expect from H1Z1 in the Near Future


Here’s What to Expect from H1Z1 in the Near Future

August 24, 2018Written by Lucas White

h1z1 developer update

Battle Royale game H1Z1 has been a hit on PlayStation 4, bringing in over twelve million players since launching on the console. Developer Daybreak Games is celebrating this early success, and to that end has released a new video outlining some of the content plans for H1Z1. The video also serves as a thank you to the fans and announces a cool bonus for players who log in over the weekend.

You can watch the video above to get the full rundown for what’s coming in H1Z1, directly from Producer Terrence Yee and Lead Designer Mike Madden. There’s also a breakdown of the marquee additions, provided by a press release from Daybreak:

  • Arcade Mode — Starting this weekend, Shotties and Snipers is coming to the PS4 Arcade Mode. This ruleset plays out like a typical Solos game, except the only weapons available throughout the match are Shotguns and Snipers.
  • Weapons – Additional weapons will be coming to the game, expanding the arsenal with new short, medium, and long-range guns.
  • Daily Challenges – H1Z1 is expanding the existing line-up of the Daily Challenge system with brand-new challenges.
  • Leaderboards – The first rollout of leaderboards will launch with Season 2 of the Battle Pass.

In addition to the updates, Daybreak is also premiering a new Marauder skin, the first of its kind. The Wildstyle Marauder will be a freebie for any player who logs in and plays a match before the cutoff point on August 26, 2018 at 11:59 pm PT.

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