Here’s list of what’s fixed and broken in latest Windows 10 build 17686

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Microsoft yesterday released a new Windows 10 build 17686 for
Fast and Skip Ahead Insiders. The latest build comes with many
improvements to the Windows Mixed Reality, privacy settings and
more. The full change log of what’s new is available in our
dedicated article

As with any Insider build, there will be lots of fixes and
known issues which are released to the Insiders in Fast and
Skip Ahead to test. The latest build also comes with a long
list of fixes from the previous builds. Below is the full list
of what’s fixed and broken.

What’s Fixed:

  • Microsoft fixed issues with the frequent bug checks which
    effected the Insiders in previous flights.
  • The company has now renamed the Game DVR as “Captures” in
    the latest build. You can view the new name by going to
    Settings>Gaming>Game DVR/Captures.
  • Dark theme improvements have been made to the File Explorer
    in the latest build which Microsoft was working on since the
    launch of the dark mode in File Explorer.
  • Replace or skip files dialog had issues with the dark
    elements in previous builds, this issue has now been fixed.
  • Clicking on the plus button in Clock and Calendar from the
    taskbar did not perform as expected. This issue has now been
    fixed in the latest build.
  • Command Prompt Cursor was invisible in previous flights,
    this has now been fixed.
  • Switching to Microsoft Pinyin IME resulted in higher
    percentage of reliability issues this has now been fixed.
  • Insiders had issues with the Emoji Panel not getting
    dismissed when clicked on any other place on the PC. This issue
    is now fixed and the Emoji Panel gets closed when dismissed
    from any part of the PC.

Known Issues:

  • Mixed Reality home experience will be broken after
    installing this build. Hence it is recommended to not install
    this build if you are looking for Mixed Reality experience.
  • Insiders will face reliability and performance issues when
    launching Start. Microsoft should fix this issue in the next
  • Some apps may not work after installing Fonts from
    Microsoft Store. The company is working on a fix for this
  • Acrylic background for taskbar flyouts like network, volume
    will no longer be there after installing this build.
  • A bug in the latest build will impact driver testing
    scenarios when executing HLK Component tests. The company is
    already working on a fix which should be made available in the
    next build.
  • Switching to Slow Ring from Fast Ring after installing
    recent builds will effect enabling developer mode on Slow Ring
    since Microsoft has not yet released any RS5 build to the Slow
    Ring. Hence if you want to enable developer mode then you need
    to remain on the Fast Ring.

As is always recommended, it is better to go through the
complete list of known issue before installing the latest
build. You can get the latest build by going to
Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Check for

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