Here’s how new Microsoft Edge will roll out to Windows 10

Microsoft Chromium Edge

In early December 2018, Microsoft first announced that they’re
adopting Chromium platform and Blink rendering engine to
replace its in-house Edge browser. Today, new Microsoft Edge
browser is generally available on Windows and macOS.

If you haven’t downloaded the browser manually on your Windows
10 PC, you can expect it to show up on your PC over the next
few months. Microsoft has no plans to roll out new Edge
automatically via Windows Update immediately. The rollout will
happen gradually, starting with Insiders next month.

Today, Microsoft is making Chromium-based Edge browser
available for manual download on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows
8.1 and macOS.

The browser is available in 90 languages and users can download
it manually from
here. If you’d like not to manually install Edge today, you
need to wait for Windows Update.

Understanding Chromium-based Microsoft Edge rollout

Microsoft’s Edge rollout will happen in a staged way over the
next few months. In the coming weeks, Microsoft plans to begin
pushing the browser update to Release Preview Ring.

“The new Microsoft Edge will gradually be made available on
Windows Update,” the company said. The rollout pace would
depend on the data and feedback from users, and Microsoft may
start seeding the browser to more users if the feedback is

If you upgrade today or wait for the update to show up on your
PC, Microsoft will automatically hide the old or legacy Edge
browser when the new Edge is installed. Old Microsoft Edge is
not removed from the system but Microsoft will make it look as
if new browser is replacing it.

Microsoft Edge logo

During the installation, your Edge settings, passwords,
favourites and other data will carry over to the new Edge. If
you use Google Chrome, Edge will ask you to migrate favourites,
form-fill information, and basic settings.

It’s also worth noting that new Edge won’t make any changes to
any browser you use currently. If you use Google Chrome or
Firefox as your default browser, these browsers will remain as
a default app on Windows or macOS.

You can expect Microsoft Edge’s automatic rollout to begin in
about six to nine weeks from January 15. After seeding the
browser to Release Preview Ring testers, Microsoft will extend
the rollout to include Home and Pro users of Windows 10.

For enterprises and organizations, Microsoft will not replace
Edge browser automatically. The administrators will have full
control over when the new Microsoft Edge will be deployed to
their employees’ devices.

Microsoft Edge updates

Microsoft Edge update

Microsoft Edge update system is not tied to Windows 10 feature
updates or Microsoft Store updates. Microsoft Edge will use its
own update channel to add new features, improvements and fix

Microsoft Edge (stable) will update roughly every six weeks on
Windows 10, 7 and macOS.

The company is also planning to launch the browser on Linux
later this year, followed by Windows 10 on ARM release.

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