Here’s Everything You Can Expect in the Battlefield V Open Beta


Here’s Everything You Can Expect in the Battlefield V Open Beta

August 31, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

Battlefield V Open Beta

Battlefield V may be delayed until November, but the open beta is right on track. Below are the open beta details, listed on EA’s official website, in a nutshell:

  • Pre-load Open Beta: September 3, 2018; 1 am PT (10 am CET)
  • Open Beta Early Access (available by subscribing to EA Access, Origin Access, or Origin Access Premier; or preordering a copy of Battlefield V) September 4, 2018; 1 am PT (10 am CET)
  • Open Beta for Everyone: September 6, 2018; 1 am PT (10 am CET) to September 11, 2018; 7 am PT (4 pm CET)

The purpose of the open beat is to test “technical aspects like server stability, latency levels, and matchmaking as well as gameplay – weapon balancing, progression, and other ingredients.” Like with most open betas, EA and DICE are checking for both fun and functionality. Here’s what you can expect in terms of content:

Tides of War and Your Company

With Tides of War, you and your personal soldiers of your Battlefield V Company will embark on a journey through themed, different chapters of World War 2, filled with events. With each chapter of Tides of War, players will have all-new ways to play while also being able to earn the latest and greatest themed Battlefield V vanity items. The Open Beta will be your first early look at how parts of the Tides of War will work.

You will take part in the Shock Troops Chapter Event, and by completing its challenges during the Open Beta (but before September 9) you can earn the unique Tides of War Beta Dog Tag. The Dog Tag will be awarded in Battlefield V if you decide to get the game. Note that the Shock Troops Chapter Event will only be part of the Open Beta, not the final game.

You should know that the Shock Troops Chapter Event is just a small taste of Tides of War – much, much more is coming. Make sure to give us your feedback on how the flow of playing these challenges feels like.

Maps and Game Modes

  • Arctic Fjord map: “snowy Norwegian landscapes” where players can take on Conquest mode (“a 64-player fight where two teams fight for control over key flags on the map”) and two “days” of the Grand Operation Fall of Norway.
    • Day 1 will be spent in the Airborne mode, where you’ll paradrop down to the battlefield and be on either side of a fight where explosives are deployed on control points.

    • Day 2 features Breakthrough, where your team either attacks or defends vital sectors.

  • Rotterdamn: a city in Netherlands (in pre-war condition) where you can play Conquest mode.

Vehicles and Reinforcements

  • Five tanks: Valentine Mk VIII, Churchill Mk VII, Churchill Gun Carrier, Panzer IV, and the Tiger I.
  • Seven aircrafts: Spitfire Mk VA, Spitfire Mk VB, Blenheim Mk IF, Bf 109 G-2, Ju 87 Stuka B-2, Ju 87 Stuka B-1, and the C47.
  • Defend against enemies using “stationary and towable” AA guns and Anti-Tank Guns.
  • Squad Leaders with enough Squad points can “unleash Reinforcements…two heavy tanks: the British Churchill Crocodile and the German Sturmtiger.”
  • JB-2 and V-1 Rocket Strikes
  • Supply Canister Drops: “sources of health and ammunition” it will cost 7,500 requisition points to have these para-dropped in.

The Classes and Combat Roles

  • Four main classes: Assault, Recon, Medic, and Support.
    • each class has several combat roles, with unique traits, and players can try one for each class. For example a “Sniper Combat Role will grant you the Tactical Retreat trait, meaning you’ll sprint faster in critical health states.”


The weapons at your disposal are somewhat dependent on the clas you select. For example:

The Support Class wields the powerful Light Machine Guns, such as KE7, Bren Gun, and FG-42 – but also the M30 Drilling Shotgun. Medic players can play the objective with the sub-machineguns STEN, Suomi KP/31, MP40, and EMP.

You can give your feedback on the open beta via the Battlefield Forums and if the open beta itself is giving you issues, “head to Answers HQ.” Battlefield V launches November 20, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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